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Christian Imdorf – Research

My previous research has focused on education systems and gendered school-to-work transitions from a comparative perspective, inclusive pathways to higher education, school-to-work transitions in Bulgaria, new organisational forms of vocational and vocationalising education in Switzerland (training networks; specialized middle schools), and the consequences of experiencing job insecurity for labour market integration in Europe. 

Links to project-related information:

Ongoing projects

- Transitions from Education to Employment (TREE) (2000 – 2020)

- The Swiss upper-secondary specialised school between vocational education and training and general baccalaureate school (2016-2019)

Completed projects

- NEGOTIATE: Overcoming Early Job-Insecurity in Europe (2015-2018)

- Educational Systems and Gendered School-to-Work Transitions (2011-2017)

- Pathways, Aspirations, Tracking and Access to Higher Education (PATH) (2013-2016)

- School-to-Work Transitions in Bulgaria (2012-2015)

- Training Networks in Practice: A New Organisational Form of Apprenticeship Training (2011-2014)

- Selection and Justification - Organizational Justification in the Hiring of Apprentices (2006-2009)

Scientific Use Files

Several Scientific Use Files have resulted from some of the above-listed projects:

- TREE longitudinal data for Switzerland (2000 – 2014) is available through FORS

- The Bulgarian School-Leaver Survey 2014 data is available through FORS 

- NEGOTIATE employer survey data 2016 (includes a factorial survey) will be available soon through NDS

Students who wish to specialise in the Sociology of Education are recommended to consider either of these data sets for their Master's thesis.

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