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Sociology of Education

Welcome to the Sociology of Education Work Group!

The Sociology of Education Work Group integrates three different focal topics with empirical life course research being their common perspective: Educational research, labour market research and the study of social inequality. Our aim is to understand the importance of educational organisations and individual decision-making processes for the structuring of unequal educational and labour market trajectories. For this we offer different courses that deal with the theoretical fundaments, methodological approaches and recent sociological findings from educational and labour market research.

On the following pages you find an overview on our course offer, research activities as well as information about the staff of the work group.


Prof. Dr. Christian Imdorf

Jan Roloff

Student assistants

Lara Berroth

Tina Oestreich

Former work group members

Ann-Christin Bartels

Dörthe Gatermann

Dr. des. Anna Erika Hägglund

Roman Jeschke

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Leuze

Dr. Markus Lörz

Anna Marczuk

Dr. Knut Petzold

Katja Pomianovicz

Prof. Dr. Steffen Schindler 

Björn Seipelt

Marten Wallis