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Cultural Anthropology and Global Society



Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Gabbert


Dr. Ingo Bultmann

Dr. Daniela Célleri

Dr. Sebastian Matthes

Dipl- Soz.-Wiss. Michael Fackler

Dipl.-Soz. Javier A. Lastra Bravô


The field of study in Cultural Anthropology and Global Society examines the conditions and implications of the increasing complexity and interdependence of local, regional and global processes as well as questions of cultural comparison and the specific development logic, particularly concerning societies outside of Europe. In our teaching and research, we are concerned with many topics including:

  • Conflict and violence
  • Law, legal pluralism and human rights
  • Nationalism and ethnicity
  • Social and ethnic movements
  • Religion, mission and social change
  • Migration
  • Resources, as well as environmental protection and natural resources

The regional focus is Latin America.

Within the Faculty of Philosophy, this interdisciplinary field is linked with the training and research areas of "Transformation Studies", the MA in "Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society", the MA in "Religion in Cultural Context" and the research initiative "Relations of Difference – Dynamics of Conflict in a Global Perspective" .

This research area is a member of the Kompetenznetz Lateinamerika (Network of Excellence Latin America).

The Documentation Office for Latin Amerika and the projekt Social dimensions of vdeo surveillance also belong to this research area.