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Prof. Dr. Mathias Bös

M.A. Alexandra von Garmissen

Dipl.- Sozialwiss. Catharina Peeck

Dr. phil. Nina Clara Tiesler

Apl. Prof. Dr. Max Miller


Student Assistant

Luisa Müller



Research and teaching

The research topics of the work group on Sociological Theory lie in the theoretical reflection and the empirical investigation of internationally comparativ social-structural and cultural change, migration and processes of ethnicization, the dynamics of global conflict, as well as the history of ideas and social science, particularly in Europe and North America.

Current research projects relate to the historical reconstruction of the academic thematization of global group conflicts in, for example, the history of the terms race and ethnicity in German sociology since 1850, the analysis of conflicts in intercultural encounters, and the reconstruction of dissemination processes of migration research findings.


The work group on Sociological Theory offers courses in the BA program “Social Sciences” and in different MA programs, particularly the MA in “Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society”. The goal of the training in sociological theory in Hanover is to provide—through a systematic and problem-orientated approach— insights  into fundamental argumentation structures embedded in the diverse theoretical approaches. A precise historical organization of the approaches is central in order for students to work through problems and formulate perspectives.

Successful theoretical training counteracts the increasing fragmentation of Sociology and is a necessary basis for development of effective research design.

Knowledge in the theories of Sociology is a foundation for its successful application in diverse fields of practice and makes possible the fruitful interdisciplinary treatment of social problems.