2019-2020  "Kulturen und Leistungen im Studium (KuL)"

(Cultures and Performance in Studies) Coordination of the project (funded by DAAD)

2018-2019  "Leadership and Work-Life Balance: Tourism and Hospitality Approached"

Coordination of the project, primary and secondary data analysis

2018-2019 "Career choices in the Context of Gender, Culture and Migration"

Coordination of the project, primary data collection and evaluation (funded by Leibniz     Universität Hannover)

2016 - currently "Academic Life Courses in Gender Research in Germany"

Using a prospective research design, this project seeks to investigate career prospects and career advancement of early career academics who pursue gender research in Germany. By doing so, the project accompanies early career academics on their way to career advancement in academia, which envisages several follow-up waves and telephone interviews with respondents.

2013 - 2015 "Early Career Academics in Russia"

The project explores the gender inequality in Russian academia. It gains expertise in such issues as continuity of gender inequality faced by early career female academics, as well as career advancement in academic environment taking into account the perspective of social networks.

2011 - currently "Career Choices and Job Outcomes in Eastern Europe"

Can occupational choices be culturally explained? Is it worth working while studying in Russia? Is there any These and other issues are central to the project that combines quantitative and qualitative methods while exploring career choices and first years of working life of youth in post-socialist Russia.

2008 - 2011 "Representations of Successful Women in the Media"

A study of stereotyped (mis)representations of successful women in the media (fictional and non-fictional). Whether and how do cultural stereotypes reproduce traditional gender roles in a cross-national perspective?

2006 - 2009 "School Leavers and Gendered Prospects in Labour Market in Russia"

Analysis of occupational choices of secondary school graduates in Russia based on the collection of primary data

2001 - 2004 "Life course study in the North-West Russia"

Early career and employment of tertiary graduates in social sciences in the context of their life courses in post-socialist Russia